An Ode to Double-Decker Buses

Honestly, the transportation system here is top-notch. The tube, as the Londoners says, is fast and capable of taking you most places in the city in a fairly reasonable amount of time. But the tube cannot compare to the majesty of the double-decker bus.

Quintessentially London

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about those gigantic lumbering buildings-on-wheels that seem far too large for the tiny streets of this city. They are part of the city’s romantic image. If you conjure up an image of Paris, you’ll likely come up with the Eiffel Tower or L’Arc de Triomphe. If you do the same for London, the double-decker bus will certainly be on a list that may include but is certainly not limited to Big Ben, the guards at Buckingham Palace, and those hard-to-ignore red telephone boxes.

Do I prefer them to the tube? Indeed I do. While riding the tube over the holiday weekend I was squished, shoved into, and generally made to feel like I was one sardine among many. When we’ve taken buses, however, I’ve had more than enough personal space to feel like my bubble was preserved. And, more importantly, I could see! The greatest disadvantage to the tube is never seeing the parts of London you shoot between. Of course, it certainly makes the most sense for many journeys, and I’ll certainly be on the tube a good number of times before I leave, but the buses of London will always hold fond memories for me.


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